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Vinod Chikkareddy

IIMB : Summers 2005

This is the official web release of IIMB's summer placements (for the Batch of 2004), which concluded on Saturday.

IIMB’s Summer Placements this year broke all records, wrapping up in less than three days flat with forty-one lucrative foreign offers to its batch of 187 students. It is the fastest ever process at the IIMs and at any Indian b-school with a batch of comparable size.

Investment Banks from abroad, multinationals and the best Indian corporates came, saw and picked up like never before.

Total no. of companies scheduled for Summer Placements: 120
Total no. of recruiting companies: 74
No. of students in the batch: 187
Total no. of offers: 255
Total no. of acceptances: 183
Total no. of international offers: 41, twice the number last year
Number of slots: 3

Slot Zero
Locations of Foreign Offers : New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, Singapore

Sectors: Mainly Investment Banking
No. of Slot Zero international offers: 34

Companies and no. of offers by them: Goldman Sachs (5) Lehman Brothers New York (2) Lehman Brothers Asia, for Tokyo and Hong Kong (4), HSBC London (5), Deutsche Bank (4), Barclays Capital (3), JP Morgan Securities London (2), Deutsche post Worldwide (3), Barclays Capital (3) and Technofast Consulting (6), ICICI Bank International banking (1)

Last year’s Slot Zero recruitment: 9 offers last time from 3 companies.

Slot One
Sectors: All streams, including Consulting

Companies: IBM (18), ICICI (16), Hindustan Lever (10), Cognizant (9), Times Group (9), Tata Admistrative Services (7), Citibank (6), ICICI Prudential (6), Procter & Gamble (5)
Among the new companies on slot one were KPMG, Accenture Consulting, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers. 13 consulting offers were made during Slot One. International recruiters on day one were National Kidney Foundation Singapore, Procter & Gamble Singapore and Olam International.

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