Vinod Chikkareddy (vinodkumarvc) wrote in iimb,
Vinod Chikkareddy

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Should I post this? Should I not?

Machines from Sigma have taken over Bracket.

Arbit is dead. So what if it was one of the life essences in IIMB. Soon Global will also be eliminated, poor chap. CP lies manacled, dragging the heavy chains of Meaning, Relevance and Content. Only RG - the faceless, spineless serpent, will survive this Pogrom.

The Bitches - the builders of a cult on Bracket - have been rendered sterile .... Down the Panda's throat a bamboo has been shoved .... The Pigeons wings are torn away...bleeding it lies, shot in mid-air .... Neither has the iconic 2X2 been spared - Sigma cuts everyone down to size.

20 posts a day.
Welcome to the New Sigma.
Welcome to 1984.
Happy New Year.

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